Angela at the farm

My inspiration brought me further than my ability

Music has always been a part of my life, since I grew up with a grandfather who were a poet and performer, and a mother that sang us through the daily chores when I was young.

I was a 14-year-old drop out when I left school with limited academic skills in my baggage (the cows and horses did not mind). Despite that I have written songs my whole life, both in Swedish and English. Did I say that I love being back in school again?

One by one in the moment

I will not tell you about what other people or magazines think about my music. This webpage I made just for you, so I hope that you like it. Still, there are no like buttons or guestbooks where you can show what you think. If you feel like leaving a note you are welcome to send a message through this form.

Here you will find more music

Here you can find links to my music where you can listen, watch videos, and buy my tracks and albums. I have released four albums, two 4-track EP's and some single tracks.
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