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Welcome to my little corner on the web! This is a part of one of the courses that I am taking at BYU Pathway/BYU Idaho. I am building a music website. Nothing fancy, just a page to prove that I have gained some understanding of how it can be done. What can I say more than that this is just the beginning!
Love from Angela.

Angela Lidin


I have been working on this webpage for some days and I feel like I am a bit overdosed of myself by now! Lol. I am the kind of person who thrive by a wood stove out in the wilderness rather than in the crowds of a mall. I like that I can control the content of the page, I just think that it is a lot of me there. Lol.
So, what am I trying to achieve here?
Well, I hope to give you a personal experience where you feel that you have been uplifted by what you have seen and heard. Maybe you found something that reminds you of things that you have experienced or heard something that you want to hear again. That would make me glad. If not, I will be grateful that you took the time to visit my site. If you find something that does not work just use the form and give me a hint.
Either way, I wish you the best of days!
Take and stay safe!
Love from Angela.

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