My name is Angela

I was born in Sweden back in the 60’s. I am a farmer, a wife, a mother, a friend, a student (Applied Technology at BYU Pathway/BYU Idaho), an artist and so on – but here I want to focus on me as a singer songwriter.

My family bought a dairy farm when I was 13 years old, and I guess that this is the main reason why I came to love Country Music. Being a farmer is probably the closest I will get to be a cowgirl here in Sweden.

Angela at the farm

Country music & God

What I love the most with Country Music is the story telling lyrics and the closeness to God. My faith is important to me. I love the life on the countryside with my family around me, and I can honestly say that I lack the urge to get famous, but I love to share my talents with you.

The latest blog post - Hello!

Welcome to my little corner on the web! This is a part of one of the courses that I am taking at BYU Pathway/BYU Idaho. I am building a music website. Nothing fancy, just a page to prove that I have gained some understanding of how it can be done. What can I say more than that this is just the beginning!
Love from Angela.